Recreational Registration Fees (updated 2/14/17)

Spring 2017

Earlybird Cost

Cost with Late Fee (after 3/1/17)

Volunteer Deposit*

Age 4: Under-5 Program (born 2012)




Age 5: Under-6 Program (born 2011)




Ages 6 and 7 (born 2009-10)




Ages 8 and 9 (born 2007-08)




Ages 10 to 19 (born 2006-1998)




* A $100 refundable volunteer deposit is paid once per family per season. Refundable after assigned volunteer work for the club. 

Adults who serve as a team official (coach, assistant coach, team manager) in all age groups register themselves for free, in a separate transaction. Please pay the player fees for your child as listed above.

Required Uniforms (additional cost to registration fees)
Reversible uniforms for age groups Under-5 through Under-10, approx $40, are pre-purchased at the time of registration with a pick-up March 18th. Puma "Pitch" uniforms for age groups Under-11 through Under-19, approx $70, are purchased from ABSC at Uniform Sales TBD. ABSC uniforms can be re-used by a player for multiple seasons.  We do some recycling of used uniforms as available.


If no volunteer coach, hiring a head coach:
If no parent is qualified, willing, or able to volunteer to serve as head coach, the club may place a paid coach at the team's expense, $180 per player for the season. Parents will be contacted several times during the team formation process to be given the chance to volunteer to coach (and thereby avoid this additional fee). Prior to the first game, parents will be informed if this additional fee will apply.

Recreational Program Scholarship information

Competitive Program Scholarship information contact:

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