Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How do I join the Gaston County Cyclists?


A: To join the Gaston County Cyclists you must register as a member. Please see the membership page for more information.   "CLICK HERE"



Q: I have a question I want to ask. Who should I contact?


A: Please send all questions or comments to our e-mail address. CLICK HERE



Q: I just became a member and want to know how to recieve e-mails and notifications of rides and club event. How do I sign up?


A: Your first step is to register with Create a Teampages account and add the Gaston County Cyclists as your team. Teampages will e-mail the webmaster and they will grant you access along with other instructions for receiving messages. Start by clicking the "teampages" icon at the top of your screen.



Q: I want to join the Gaston County Cyclists Facebook page. What page should I join?


A: The Gaston County Cyclists have a Facebook Account, a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group. All are open to the public to join.

          For the Facebook account please visit: Facebook Account

          For this Facebook Page please visit: Facebook Page

          For the Facebook Group please visit: Facebook Group



Q: How long are your Group Rides?


A: Our group rides vary in length. Take a look at the "Rides" page for a current list of weekly rides HERE.



Q: I'm not a strong rider and feel that I might not be able to keep up? Should I join the group ride?


A: YES!!!! Most weekly group rides are "no drop." "No Drop" means that the whole group will wait at stop signs and turns for the rest of group to catch up. We have riders of all abilities ride with our group and we welcome riders of all abilities to join.



Q: I'm new to riding with a group and don't know the route. What should I do?


A: Join us for one of your weekly rides you feel comfortable with. We will be more than happy to show you how to ride with a group. Don't worry about the route we have many experienced members who know the area very well. Most rides are "No Drop," so no one is left behind.